A Theater Bag!

YES, IT’S WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS! For Outside, In-Person theater classes.

Have a dedicated Theater Bag so you can keep all of your theater stuff together. Check your Theater Bag before you leave for class, so you’ll never be without the things you need:

  • A Sit-Upon*
  • Water Bottle/s
  • your script – don’t forget that!
  • a pencil
  • a highlighter
  • sunglasses
  • a hat
  • sunscreen
  • umbrella (just in case!)
  • extra sweater or jacket
  • Lunch during Summer classes

*Don’t know what a Sit-Upon is?? Well, no worries.

A SIT-UPON IS A GREAT, PORTABLE, WATERPROOF CUSHION. OUTDOOR SEATING ANYWHERE! You can buy a Sit-Upon of course. But you can also make one easily for pennies.



  • Get a reusable shopping bag made from waterproof material
  • Get cushioning:
    • something soft like left-over carpet padding, a yoga mat, a cushion, towels, even scrunched up plastic bags…
  • Stuff cushioning into shopping bag and flatten
  • Use duct tape to close the top edge
  • The shopping bag’s handle will make the Sit-Upon easy to carry!
  • Decorate if desired
  • Voila! Instant outdoor seating anywhere!

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