Gift Certificates


If you'd like to give the child in your life a gift that is extremely original, one that offers a fun, unique and self-esteem-building experience, this might be just the thing.

EYT Gift Certificates can be used for full or partial tuition for a class, or you can use it for the purchase of a DVD, CD, Playbill Message - anything you’d like that we offer.

AND for this year, there are no additional fees or charges - the value of your Gift Certificate is the amount you send! (Materials and postage back to you are free!)

Give us a call if you'd like more info: 973-746-3303

Or just mail in your request to us at
PO Box 43553
U. Montclair, NJ 07043

We'll need the recipient's name, address, and payment for the amount of the Certificate.

We can also personalize the Gift Certificate with any message you'd like.

Have a very happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year!

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