Spring Recitals: Testimonials!


Thank you so much, Janet, for orchestrating this play! It really meant so much to my girls. They love your class in person AND via zoom. It was magical!
Take care! Carrie

This was wonderful. Thanks so much Janet!! I’m really amazed that you were able to keep this going and to keep it going so well. In all of this madness, theater class was their most favorite activity each week.
Thank you. xoxo Jessica

We can't wait to watch Eva and friends perform tomorrow in this most unusual and wonderful production! As Eva's grandmother who lives in Massachusetts, I send you my deep appreciation and thanks for figuring out a way for this show and this production to go on within a world and context that none of us could have imagined even 3 months ago. I deeply appreciate all that you have done to keep children engaged and creative and productive. I love that there is a show!! And that we can watch it from afar. It is an experience that we deeply treasure. So thank you for all of it. And thank you most for the kind and generous tone and overview that has informed all of your communications from the very beginning.
Warmly, Deb S.

Hi Janet. We really appreciate all the effort that went in to continuing theater class. Luca really enjoyed it! He also took practicing to heart all last week leading up to the final Zoom recital, and was super comfortable, so thank you for the tips. It was fun to watch and all the kids were rock stars so thank you again!
Lydia M.

Thanks for keeping this going! The performance was great. My daughter does not want to do anything extra right now, so the fact that she was game to do the performance says a lot about EYT. I attribute this to the supportive environment you provide!! All of the little girls dressed as Pink Ladies is one of my favorite memories of COVID-19. Be well and thanks again for giving these kids so much support.
Regards, Lisa D.

Thank you for trying to come up with an alternative solution to acknowledge the kids and their hard work. It’s appreciated!
Ami D.

Thank you, Janet, for making the show happen in these circumstances - you all pulled it off! Miss Alicia, you’ve been a fantastic teacher- thank you for all your work and energy.
Take care and be well, Lise L.

Thank you so much. Frankie had so much fun. Hope we can do it again real soon.
Frank & Kate S.

Janet - you are a jewel. Thank you for all you do. Fostering creativity, positivity and friendship.
Birgitte P.

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