Spring Online Classes: Testimonials!


Adriana (and we) have been SO happy that EYT is continuing on virtually. It gives some semblance of normalcy and is so vital for them to connect with their teachers and friends.
Thank you for offering this! Renee T.

It’s her favorite class all week, truly. Thank you, Janet!
Christine M.

I can’t thank you enough for setting this up. The first thing Evy asked when she woke up today was ‘so I have theater today’. You have given her something to look forward to each week now. We so appreciate you doing this for the kids!
Thank you!!!! Angela and Evy

Thank you again for continuing the sessions, it has really been a lifesaver in this house!
Molly B.

Thank you for your dedication! Theatre has become the highlight of Samantha's week!!!
Kristin R.

We appreciate all that you have been doing to keep the kids connected and engaged by continuing classes virtually. Ellie looks forward to it every week.
Stay safe. Best, Erin M.

Thanks for getting this up and running. It’s been a great experience for Sofia!
Stay safe,
Aida I.

Thanks for all your doing to make this engaging and fun for the kids!
Emily N.

Thank you again for making this happen - we really look forward to Friday afternoons!
Annie T.

Simone is so happy to be a part of this community right now! Thanks for all of your hard work!
Best, Lauren P.

This was Alexa’s first experience with an actual play and she really loved it. Thank you for continuing the class over zoom. Alexa looked forward to it every week.
Bonnie F.

Thank you for all your efforts in keeping your program going. I know it's not easy but you guys have been incredible. The kids and us families truly appreciate it. And we miss you all terribly. And I pray you're all healthy!
Nicole D.

Thank you all for adapting to give the kids the consistency of weekly lessons. Also, thank you for always being so positive and encouraging to Bryony - she loves Essex Youth Theater :)
Rachel H.

Mr. Harry is so wonderful with the kids and the zoom rehearsals have been very productive. My Dempsey really looks forward to it every week.
Thank you, Dawn V.

Thank you for setting this up and for all you do! Stef and Pat S. Thanks so much. Madeline is enjoying the online classes very much. You can count her in for next Monday’s class as well.
Be well! Best regards, Jim

Thanks so much for everything you are doing and for keeping this going. We support you 100%!!!
Thanks, Amy C.

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